Nordic Guest Researchers' Scholarship Programme


The Nordic Guest Researchers' Programme is directed to scholars who are associated with university departments or other research institutions in the Nordic countries.

In 2000, the Nordic Africa Institute initiated a new Guest Researchers’ Programme, aimed at senior researchers in the Nordic countries. The duration of the stay is two months, but a shorter or a longer stay can be considered.

The purpose of the Programme:
The Institute aims at being a useful resource for research on Africa in the Nordic countries. The Nordic Guest Researchers’ Programme is one way to establish and maintain relations with universities and research institutions in the Nordic countries.

The programme offers opportunities for its participants to pursue their own research projects and to utilize the library of the Institute. The guest researchers are expected to contribute to the intellectual environment by participating in scholarly exchange with Nordic and African researchers at the Institute.

Who can apply?
The Nordic Guest Researchers’ Programme is directed to scholars who are attached to university departments or other research institutions in the Nordic countries. It is open for senior researchers. The research project should relate to contemporary Africa.

Priority will be given to projects, which relate to ongoing research themes at the Institute. For information about them, please visit our website. The selection process may be influenced by an effort to achieve a balance of guests regarding sex, institutional affiliation, discipline and theme.

Grants and facilities
The Nordic Guest Researchers’ grant includes travel expenses to Uppsala at cheapest possible rate, accommodation, a subsistence allowance of SEK 150 a day, a shared office, free photocopying facilities up to a maximum of 1,000 copies and access to a computer/MS Word.

The Institute’s library is specialized in literature on contemporary Africa. Guests also have access to the Uppsala University Library, the Dag Hammar-skjöld Library and the Library of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

Expected commitments:
A Nordic guest researcher is expected to conduct independent research, to give one lecture, and to participate in the public seminars at the Institute.

The Institute invites each guest researcher to write a brief presentation of her/his research work for News from the Nordic Africa Institute. Those who produce manuscripts during their stay at the Institute are also invited to have them evaluated for publication by the Institute.

The application should contain:
• a covering letter stating during which period the applicant wants to stay at the Institute
• an up-to-date curriculum vitae with a list of publications
• a research plan outlining the main features of the research topic to be worked on during the period at the Institute
• a letter of support from the applicant’s home institution, or from a senior scholar within the same field.

The scholarships are awarded biannually and the applications must be received at the Institute by
1 April for the period August-December and
1 October for the period January-June

Application letters should be addressed to:
The Programme Officer
The Nordic Guest Researchers' Programme
Nordiska Afrikainstitutet
P O Box 1703
SE-751 47 Uppsala, Sweden

Application Form

Forretningsfører:Nina Klinge-Nygård
Postadresse:P O Box 1703
SE-751 47 Uppsala, Sweden
Telefon:+46 18 56 22 34

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